As I have owned an SME and a start up business, I am very conscious of the issues and opportunities as the company grows. Cash flow and financing the growth process is very expensive and stressful.

You need more people, including Sales people and all of the associated costs of putting them on the road.
When they are successful, hopefully, you then need to invest in additional raw materials and finished stock holding, to service your growing customers and meet lead times.

While there is no easy solution, out sourced resource may be a way of spreading the pain and gaining access to an experienced team, with no hidden costs. No holidays and sickness.

If this sounds familiar and you are in this dilemma, then give me a call.

• At Sagegreen we are experts in food sales

  • We can help you sell your products with our outsourced sales resource
  • We will find new markets for your products in: retail, foodservice, manufacturing, industrial, wholesale and cash & carries.
  • We will develop your existing brand or progress an own label opportunity
  • Market research and special projects to establish and identify the market opportunity for your products
  • We will manage your logistics, stock holding, orders and cash collection, if required.
  • Holiday and sickness cover at national account level• We are a management services company, not agents, working on your behalf as your sales and marketing department or an extension to your existing arrangements.
  • You remain in control of your Brand development, we provide, resource expertise and enthusiasm.

Conversations are free and we are all experienced in Food businesses.

We may be able to Help Sell and save you money!