Here at Sagegreen we’ve been working in both the food service and the retail markets for a significant number of years and we’ve seen a vast number of changes in all that time. The evolution of the pub scene has been quite dramatic with wet led outlets unfortunately closing rapidly whereas those which are food led and offering good value family dining are faring somewhat better. Changes in retail have been just as remarkable with a polarisation of the market, we have discounters and premium stores (and ranges) showing strong growth whereas those in the middle are struggling to maintain market share

How does all this affect suppliers to these markets? Well, as many companies are discovering, the strategies, products and ranges that used to work so well just aren’t cutting it any more. Pubs are demanding authentic experiences on the plate that can be delivered reliably and cost effectively whilst matching and enhancing the brand values of the establishment and retail customers are looking for innovative products which add to the category, through value or choice and are clearly well defined, be it premium or economy.

If you’ve come this far you must be doing something right but these changes all stack up to new challenges so don’t forget the basics. Take a step back to look at your products and how they fit in the current market. Is your ‘target market’ as you originally defined it still there? Do you need to adjust your offering? Can you see gaps you could fill?

Information is the key so talk to others in similar situations, gather market information, build supplier relationships, keep an eye on social media and, if you need help or guidance get it!

Please note: the above is not a ‘how to’ guide, it is a snapshot of current situations along with a few useful tips for those supplying foodservice and retail markets. If you would like more information or help with any of the above please call us 01606 333677.